Friday, January 13, 2012

Q & A Friday

This will be the new post every Friday.  Throw out your questions (leave them in the comments) and I will answer back as best and as quickly as I can.  Let's start with a couple questions that I have already been given:

*How did you get started on cloth diapering?  When I became pregnant with our second child we had Aflac as a secondary insurance, and because we have really good primary insurance, I knew a lot of the expense of childbirth would already be covered, leaving us with the majority of the amount that Aflac pays out.  I wanted to take advantage of having this money and put it to good use by spending it on things for baby that I could use on subsequent children.  I was cruising around on Babies R Us online looking at baby stuff, as well as good deals on disposable diapers and came across gDiapers--the hybrid diaper that could be either disposable or cloth.  I looked more and more into them and came across other cloth diapering options.  There were so many options out there and I was stunned at how much further cloth diapering had come from the old plastic pants and prefolds, thus starting my fascination and intrigue with cloth diapers.

*Will cloth diapers make my baby bowlegged?  No.  While some diapers may cause a lot of bulk between the legs, it certainly is not the cause.  Most children are bowlegged until the age of 3 and this is perfectly normal.  According to Babycenter, babies are born bowlegged because of their position in the womb.  It is especially noticeable when children start to stand and begin walking, but as the child's bones get stronger and they get older, it will gradually correct itself.  According to Columbia Orthopedics, it is actually abnormal for a child less than 18 months not to be bowlegged.

*When baby is eating solids, how do you do a diaper change without getting poop everywhere, even when using a flushable liner?  This is something I had to figure out as well.  It may sound silly, but usually when changing a disposable, if the baby is poopy you would typically wipe across their bum with the front of the diaper when taking it off, to remove the majority of the poop first, right?  What I do is just keep a box of facial tissue (like Kleenex) above my changing table or nearby and right after I pull off the diaper, I use a tissue to wipe most the poop off and leave that tissue in the diaper.  Then it gets dumped in the toilet with the flushable liner and it all gets flushed down together.  This keeps me from having to rinse out cloth wipes in the toilet or throwing very poopy disposable wipes into a garbage can.  Easy peasy.

We'll have these questions get the ball rolling.  Feel free to post any questions you may come up with in the comments and as I receive them, I will post them along with the answers to them next week in Q & A Friday.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Here's another question I have: how do you deal with cloth diapers in public? Or when you're not near a toilet to dispose of the "soil"? I'm loving this blog! Thanks again!

  2. Hi, Brit! My question is what do you do when you leave your kids with babysitters that don't know how to use cloth diapers? Do you train them or just let them use disposables? Especially if you're leaving your kids for a few days. I love your blog! Your help and advice is appreciated.